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Given your study of Cognitive-Behavioral and some others you may know about, it is time to articulate your theoretical orientation (Cognitive-Behavioral). This assignment will help you describe and explain which theoretical orientation (Cognitive-Behavioral) resonates most with you as you think about your future work with clients. Having such a framework is critical as it guides your conceptualization of clients’ issues and your plans for their treatment.

Interestingly, theoretical orientations are not static; you may shift and change over time as you have additional experience in the field and read about emerging theories and therapy. In this course, however, it is important that you share with others where you are “on the road” to your chosen orientation.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the prior weeks and resources in this course and ask yourself the following questions:

• How do I think a client’s challenges or problems originate?
• What do I think are the necessary conditions for client growth and change?
• How do I think change occurs?
• What is the psychologist’s role in creating change? What is the client’s role?
• How would I know when change has occurred or treatment is successful?
• How do I account for both individual differences and environmental influences in the change process?
• Which theory best helps me frame my thoughts concerning my work with clients?

With these thoughts in mind:

Write an explanation of your current thinking about Cognitive-Behavioral. Write how you arrived at this orientation, what about it resonates with you, and how confident you are about this selection at this point in your career. Provide specific examples that helped you arrive at this orientation.

400 words

on time

APA format

answer all the questions

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