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What is the AIDA process. Is it necessary for persuasion and sales messages?

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Example 1:

The AIDA process is an indirect persuasive strategy that is useful when attempting to convince someone of something that you expect to encounter resistance to or if the individual(s) do not know or understand much about what you are trying to discuss. The four parts of AIDA are attention, interest, desire, and action.

Although there are other persuasive and sales strategies that can also be effective, ADIA works well because the pitch is given slowly and not immediately sprung on an audience that may not initially be listening to what you have to say. When the audience is gradually hyped up to your pitch, they are more likely to lend their attention and more open to suggestion. Additionally, you are able to build credibility and provide information to support your message. It’s also important to make it simple for the audience to complete the action you’re requesting, because they might otherwise lose interest.


Example 2:

The AIDA process represents a four-part acronym that is used to develop a persuasive message. Usually used in requests or sales, AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Attention of the audience is the initial step. There are several ways that an audience’s attention can be gained including special offers or using important graphics. This method then leads to the second step, keeping interest. Interest builds through credibility. Using appeals in the form of facts or customer reviews shows the audience the product is worth buying or investing in. Having the audience desire the product is step 4. Proposing that the product makes life easier or otherwise being helpful are simple ways to build desire for a product. Lastly, the call to action must be given using incentives, or benefits.


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