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Instructions: This week, you respond to your colleagues’ posts as if you are co-workers in the same organization. You will format your response as if it were a business e-mail reply.

Respond to two or more colleagues in the following way:

· Reply to a colleague’s post as if you both work at the same organization, formatting your response as if it were a business e-mail reply. Expand on his or her post by providing input about what you learned from his or her post and how the summary of your peer is similar to or different from your own summary on leadership theory.

· APA citations and References. No PLAGIARISM!!!

1st Business email to rely to

Hello BC Team,

After carefully analyzing various leadership theories, I believe the passage that best represents the central idea of a leadership theory that is currently relevant and important to our organization is found in George, B., Sims, P., McLean, A. N., & Mayer, D. (2007) on page 6. This theory is about building a support team of leaders. Broward College has been able to build a support team of leaders, which has aided in our success. Having a support team to assist with the decision and give guidance during difficult times is essential in higher education. Our team of leaders is built of employees of all levels, which allows us to construct a productive higher learning environment. We have received extraordinary awards and grants with the assistance of the team of leaders throughout the college. We have been able to be at the head of the most competence software designs and leading the nation for the number of associate degrees awarded to minority students in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities discipline all because of you at the college.


George, B., Sims, P., McLean, A. N., & Mayer, D. (2007). Discovering your authentic leadership. Harvard Business Review, 85(2), 129–138.

Going forward in my observations, currently, we have a great leadership theory there is room for improvement. We can improve our leadership team by looking at the theory found in Ulrich, Smallwood, and Sweetman (2008) on page 13 and 18. According to their theory, “Leadership of others ultimately begins with the self” (Ulrich, 2008 p.18). Having an assortment of self-leadership prerequisite known as personal proficiency will also benefit the college. Leaders being able to model yourself as an example is vital. The leaders must be learners in all area of professional and personal life. Having leaders through the college which invest in their growth inspires others to do the same and creates loyalty and trust.


Ulrich, D., Smallwood, N., & Sweetman, K. (2008). Defining leadership code. In The leadership code: Five rules to lead by (pp 1–24). Boston, MA: Harvard Business School.


Chinara Milligan

Lead Academic Advisor

(954) 201-7777

2nd Business Email to Reply to

Dear Team,

As I have researched different theories of leadership, the one that mostly aligns with our current practice is Tichy Leadership Engine looking primarily at his first point (Williams, 2005). I think the passage that best captures the central idea of a leadership theory that is particularly relevant and important to our organization is found in Williams (2005) entitled Leadership theories, role models-and common sense. on pages 36-37. The leadership is structured like a engine that is always being reinvigorated and flowing through new ideas, innovations, and knowledge which is imparted to the team (Williams.2005). This allows the team to stay fresh and up to date on much needed information that drives the team forward. This idea of the leadership engine doesn’t allow the team to get stuck in a pattern or rut. As the knowledge of the leader grows and develops, the team also grows and develops. Acquiring knowledge helps the team to be more productive and understand why we have specific medical models in place.

I can see how this leadership theory is working for our team by the increase in growth many have expressed receiving from leadership. It has allowed for an increase in effective patient engagement and teaching. For instance, with the new techniques for treatment practices that were shared with us has helped in patient teaching and understanding of why our protocols are in place. Patients have stated better understanding of their treatment regimen. I feel that as our leadership acquires knowledge and imparts it to the team this will help us to better teach and serve our patients. The use of this leadership theory has already shown a marked increase in treatment compliance. I recommend that we continue using Tichy’s Leadership Engine because we see that we are gaining greater treatment compliance since it has been implemented.

I have included the full reference below for you to research for yourself.

Best Regards, Quinn S.


Williams, M. (2005). Leadership theories, role models—and common sense. In Leadership for leaders (pp. 29–47). London, UK: Thorogood.


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