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If you missed Week 1’s class, please complete this written assignment to make up the 25 points you missed in the in-class group analysis of the case of “Joe Carbone and Platform to Employment.

First, view the 12-minute Trapped in Unemployment video at:

This is a segment that aired on CBS’s 60 Minutes in February 2012, as reported by Scott Pelley.

Then, as if you were preparing to present to our HRM587 class, prepare no more than a 3-slide PowerPoint presentation with the following content:

Slide 1: Choose and name the primary Environmental Pressure for Change that you see at work in this case (pages 50-60 of Chapter 3). In other words, according to our textbook, what environmental pressure(s) are driving the need for the Platform to Employment program? Succinctly explain your rationale.

Slide 2: Identify and briefly describe 3 obvious AND hidden reasons for any real or perceived resistance to the implementation of Platform to Employment.

Slide 3: Conclude your presentation with a brief statement of what personal pain or anxiety may have caused Joe Carbone to create and launch the Platform to Employmentprogram. Include a statement of your impression of Joe Carbone as a change leader.


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