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1. Explain the justice and care perspectives. Can you offer examples of these two perspectives? To what degree do you think the justice and care perspectives are masculine or feminine?

2. Do you think today’s genderized perspectives are the result of socialization (products of nurture) or of nature? Explain.

3. Summarize some of the most important similarities between virtue and care ethics. What is the crucial difference between them?

4. Do you think care ethics is merely a derivative of virtue ethics and does not merit status among the traditional theories of ethics? Explain.

5. How do you feel about the idea of a degenderized morality, and ultimately a degendered society?

Thinking & Inquiry

All questions clearly and thoroughly answered. Clearly identifies relevant key terms, moral principles/theories and/or concepts in the reading


Point of View / Decision Making

Conclusions and interpretations are stated, linked to the information presented and directly address the identified problem.

Communication / Mechanics / MLA Format

No spelling or grammatical errors

Some spelling or grammatical errors detract from clarity and/or logical flow


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