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“Think of a current political issue with global implications. Briefly describe a rational approach to addressing the issue. How would the decision makers address the issue in a rational way? What information would decision makers need to know in order to do this?

Keep in mind:

Rationality is an interesting issue in politics as well, especially when it involves the global society. People often call for leaders to make “rational” decisions. The idea of rationality in political science focuses on how decisions ought to be made, not how decisions are actually made. To truly make a rational decision, decision makers must proceed through the following sequence of steps: problem identification, development of criteria against which alternative solutions can be evaluated, identification of alternative courses of action, evaluation of alternatives, selection of the best alternative, and implementation.

This approach assumes that the decision maker is completely unbiased and rational. It also assumes that the decision maker has all available information in order to make a choice and considers all possible alternatives. Finally, the decision maker will select the optimal choice. Following all of these steps could be rather time-consuming, and the result may not match public opinion of what should be done, and it may not be efficient if a quick decision is required. After all, opinion polls are not taken from only rational individuals (Padgitt, 2002).

How should these issues be tackled and approached?

Some suggestions for Global Issues (but not limited to) might be:

Civil Wars
Immigration issues between Mexico and the U.S.
Al Qaeda’s growing presence in Russia
Disbanding of the Muslim Brotherhood
U.S. Presence in Afghanistan
Exploitation of workers (particularly with outsourcing)
Human or sex trafficking in Asia


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