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Okay, this is a week early, but hopefully it will be worth the assistance I need. I usually do not pay this much, but whatever it takes to get a grade pulled back up, because I am struggling. I did get nailed for plagiarism last time, so that is why I desperately need the help. Keep the risk of plagiarism in mind as you seek to help.

As usual, please make sure you have the necessary books in this class (PHIL 201) before you offer your handshake. This time it is important because this assignment requires three of those books.

I will pull up to three handshakes and cover the down payments for each handshake, to ensure the assistance is well appreciative, remember to have the books for this assignment if I do select you. I will leave this open throughout the day to see how many offers I will get (hopefully a handful) and I will only select three.

I would like to thank the many of you that was able to help me with some of the assignments I had at the time. But remember, this is the real deal! Again, thanks.



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