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Need SPSS outputs for this assignment

The variables would be:

The students’ academic performance

Socio-economic of parent’s income, based on their residence, occupation and educational experiences.


peer pressure and socioeconomic

Throughout this assignment you will review mock studies. You will needs to follow the directions outlined in the section using SPSS and decide whether there is significance between the variables. You will need to list the five steps of hypothesis testing (as covered in the lesson for Week 6) to see how every question should be formatted. You will complete all of the problems. Be sure to cut and paste the appropriate SPSS outputs under each problem and interpret the outputs within the context of each mock study. All calculations should be coming from your SPSS. Hand calculation not accepted. You are also required to submit the SPSS output file (.spv) to get credit for this assignment. This spv. file should include ALL you outputs. In other words, you are not allowed to submit more than one output file for this assignment.

* Be sure that your answers are clearly distinguishable. Perhaps you bold your font or use a different color.

*just a SPSS Output


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