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Explain what psychology is.
Discuss the roots and early scientific foundations of psychology.
Summarize the main themes of seven approaches to psychology.
Describe the connection between the mind and body.
Explain what makes psychology a science.
Discuss common research settings and the three types of research that are used in psychology.


Read: Chapter 1


Before you dig in to study a chapter, turn to the end of the chapter and review the Summary of the chapter. This is a very good study technique.

Read chapter 1 and answer the following study guide questions. Then submit the file to me for grading. Be sure to answer the questions in your own words and refrain from copying from the text. Use a lot of real life examples when appropriate. If you do those two things, I’ll know you have studied this material and understand it. These study guides are for two purposes: to help you learn the material and to assure me you’ve read the chapters and understand. We don’t have the benefit of a classroom lecture/discussion situation, so write plenty and prove to me you really are learning these concepts.

Chapter 1 Study GuideFile

Chapter 1 Study Guide SubmissionAssignment

Take the following 6 point matching quiz over the contemporary approaches to psychology.

Chapter 1 Quiz


Take the following 6 pt. quiz over some terminology in the experimental method.

Experimental Method Quiz

You will be having an exam over the first 2 chapters.


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