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Please I want Action research for my study, the impact of educational video games on the children (Quantitative study) This is about my study may help you, but I want focus more in educational video games how can improve the education… Educator Researcher Research – Effects of electronic games on children Introduction Electronic games have become of the most popular games in the today’s world, especially for Children. They have a positive as well as negative effect on Children. As per the research conducted one of the biggest ill-effect of the electronic games is decrease in physical activity which can lead to health problems for Children in future, one of the most important health problem is the problem of obesity. Research Methods It is important to determine the way that the research will be conducted and the method that will be used for conducting the particular research. Saunders et al (2007) through a proper research approach the researcher is able answer the research question appropriately and analyzes the data accordingly so that proper research is made. The researcher also takes into consideration literature review which forms the base for conducting the research. The research that is conducted by the researcher includes quantitative as well as qualitative research. Quantitative research is known as deductive approach whereas qualitative research is known as inductive approach. Both these researches are important as they help in analyzing the particular problem. Quantitative research focuses on collecting primary data, whereas the qualitative research focuses on bringing into picture different theories that helps in supporting the primary data collected and analyzing the data accurately. Qualitative research also helps in building the insight for the research as well as helps in designing different patterns for the research. This research in an exploratory research and the data collection method is ‘Survey’ i.e. primary data collection. This…


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