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You must follow proper MLA guidelines for this assignment. Please be sure to provide proper citations to the film along with other material connecting to the textbook and class discussions. In the works cited page, you are expected to write citations for the following:

Questions to answer for the Film Review:

1) In the introduction, explain briefly what the film is about and why you particularly selected that film? Followed by what is the main problem(s) addressed in the film? (5-6 sentences)

2) In the body, analyze the film. What are the problems explored in the film, and how do you see problems in how these issues are addressed? How can the concerns projected in the film be addressed better? If you think that the directors did a good job, why and how do you think they did a good job tackling the representations of the social concerns? How do these social concerns relate to us/ impact us? Why should we be concerned?

3) In the conclusion, reflect on your own thoughts about the film and explain how/ what you feel you can do to contribute to be a voice or resolving the social concerns addressed in the film?

Film Choices for Film Reviews (Subject to change):

1. Where to Invade Next?

2. 13th

3. The True Cost

4. Miss Representation

5. The Mask You Live In

6. The Hunting Ground

7. Tough Guise

8. In Defense of Food

9. My Penis and Everyone Else’s

10. Divorce Corp.

11. India’s Daughter

All Films/Documentaries that have a “” marked in front of them are the films you can write a Film/Documentary Review on. Please do not write your film reviews on any other videos assigned in the syllabus.


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