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There has been a lot of research on how teratogens cause genetic and congenital birth defects in babies. What are Teratogens? They are anything that will interfere with the growth or development of a fetus. You will find article after article about the effects of women smoking, taking drugs, and drinking alcohol on developing babies. But what happens if a man smokes, takes drugs, or drinks alcohol? Can this harm a developing fetus?


Write at least 200 words on this topic.
Save and name your assignment “Week 1 Research Assignment”, then save on your computer. This document will then be uploaded by clicking on “Browse my Computer”.
Make sure to cite your sources in your assignment.

Read pages 59- 64 from Chapter 2.
Check out these websites:

Grading Criteria

Earned Points/ Maximum Points

Explains teratogens and how they cause genetic and congenital birth defects in babies. 40/40

Evaluates the impact that drugs/alcohol have on the reproductive system of a man and supports the statement of whether this can harm a developing fetus. 40/40

Proper APA format of citations and references. 10/10

Grammar, spelling, and correct APA format 10/10




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