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I have choose this as my topic.

(1) turning back the years (this topic focuses on some of the ways that individuals develop strategies to battle the process of aging and, by definition, begins usually—except cryogenics—when the person is relatively young and, obviously, requires that you not only describe the techniques involved but that you also discuss the scientific research validating the techniques);

INSTRUCTIONS You are to write a 10-page minimum, double-spaced, typed paper (excluding title, reference, and appendix pages), using a minimum of 4 references (at least 2 of which must come from “scholarly” sources such as scientific journals or books)

• Include APA style formatting which includes title page, reference page, running head, and page numbers.

• An abstract is not required.

• Refer to the APA style writing manual or for assistance with in-text citations and references. 6th or 7th edition may be used (just be consistent).

• Paper must include in-text citations. Citations also reduce the risk of plagiarism.

• All submitted written work must be an original assignment. You may not use work previously submitted.

• Use the virtual library to access scholarly journals and references.


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