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An organization contains a dynamic process of interactions involving many moving parts. Changes in personnel, budget, policy framework, personnel capabilities, operations, and procedures in one part of an organization can affect what occurs in other parts of the organization.

An effective method of mapping this dynamic process is the use of SWOT analysis and PEST analysis, which gauge internal and external factors affecting the success or failure of the organization.

The strengths and weaknesses of an organization, as well as the opportunities and threats (SWOT) placed in a matrix provide an easily viewed statement of criteria for meeting the organization’s goals.
Political and economic factors, viewed along with social and economic factors (PEST), provide the strategic planner another matrix to view the criteria for success in relation to external factors that tend to be out of the control of the organization.
Conducting both analyses allows the planner an opportunity to consider all factors relevant to the success of the organization.

Your assignment is to prepare two matrices for your chosen organization: one SWOT and the other PEST (check the Strategic Planning for Human Services Professionals scatterdesk for more information). You will want to recognize that human services is in constant flux as a professional activity, so take into consideration the primary trends that will affect organizational success or failure.

Write a 1000-word overview stating the SWOT and PEST analyses for your chosen organization. Include the following:

Describe your chosen organization, its sector, and the key factors defining the criteria for SWOT and PEST.
Design two matrices: create one table with four parts labeled SWOT and a separate four-part table for PEST. In the quadrants, enter the key criteria affecting the organization.
Explain the importance of each quadrant.
Provide a brief rationale for each of your SWOT and PEST entries.
Analyze the organization’s potential effectiveness in terms of its social, economic, political, and institutional position.
Drawing on your reading of Bryson regarding formulating strategies, consider the Loft strategy, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board strategy, public sector strategy, or nonprofit strategy to inform the development of your analysis.
Develop policy consistent with the organization’s mission and vision.
Describe the planning focus and desired immediate outcomes.
Submission Requirements
Written Communication: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, respectful, and consistent with expectations for professional practice in human resources. Original work and critical thinking are required as well as scholarly writing. Your writing must be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Length: 1000 words.
Number of Resources: Minimum of 10 resources.
APA Guidelines: Format resources and citations according to current APA style and formatting guidelines.
Matrices: One for SWOT and one for PEST.
Font: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Refer to the SWOT Analysis and PEST Analysis Scoring Guide to verify you are including all grading criteria.

Process your paper through Turnitin before submitting your assignment. Submit your assignment and your Turnitin report as attachments in the Assignment area.

SWOT Analysis and PEST Analysis Scoring Guide.
Academic Honesty and APA Style and Formatting.
Introduction to Turnitin [PDF].
Smarthinking Tutoring.
How Do I Find Peer-Reviewed Articles?.


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