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Provide detailed plans regarding the type of website you would like to develop for your e-business.

For this assignment you will provide a presentation that contains a detailed discussion of an implementation plan.

This exercise involves Step 5 of the Seven Step Marketing Plan detailed in your textbook. Your presentation will form Part/Topic 5 in your completed Semester Project that you will assemble and submit in Module 6. Your presentation should include discussion and support for the following topic and subtopics:

E-Marketing Plan Parts/Topics

Written Assignment 4

Seven Step Marketing Plan

Step 5: The Implementation Plan

5. Implementation of E-Marketing mix strategies

Product or Service offered



Integrated marketing communications and promotion

E-Marketing Plan Template

Use the E-Marketing Plan Template when you work on your assignments for the semester project. The template outlines the eight separate parts/topics your plan needs to address and shows how things should be organized.


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