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Social Psychology

3-4 pages

Ch 1

1. Find journal articles that report observational, correlational, and experimental research designs. Specify the research

design, the research hypothesis, and the conceptual and measured variables in each design.

2. Consider the following variables that might have contributed to teach of the following events. For each one, (a) propose a research hypothesis in which the variable serves as an independent variable and (b) propose a research hypothesis in which the variable serves as a dependent variable.

• Helping

• Aggression

• Prejudice

• Liking another person

• Life satisfaction

Ch 7

3. Write a paragraph that expresses your opinions about the Holocaust or about another example of obedience to authority. Consider how social psychological research on obedience informs your interpretation of the event.

4. Consider a leader whom you have worked with in the past. What types of leadership did that person use? Were they effective?

5. Choose a recent event that involved a very effective leader or one that involved a very poor one. Analyze the leadership in terms of the topics discussed in this chapter.


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