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I need to talk about a social change needed for Phoenix, Arizona in USA. I see that education is a problem but I would like it to really focus on trying to get kids off the streets and in after school programs or centers with activities and help with their education. Please find references and document them. I need this by 9am on 06/22.

I have attached the o

Social Change Project Outline

Please use the following outline as a guide to your Social Change Project research. You will be submitting a finalized outline to your Faculty mentor during the round-table presentations, as well as to the “Residency 2 Social Change Project – Counseling MS Degree” link in the Social Change Project section of Residency 2 in the classroom. This document, along with your presentation at the round table, will determine your final project score. Please be sure to submit a thorough and clearly written outline as your final document.

1. Student Name(s):

2. Selected Social Change Track (Public Policy or Social Outreach):

3. Knowledge of the Issue:

a. Provide a brief description of the public policy or social outreach organization and what is currently being done.

b. What are the local and broader effects of this social change?

c. Where are there gaps or limitations in the policy or services?

d. What are the barriers to receiving services or having services be effective (e.g., funding, legislation, resistance)?

4. Ideas for Social Change:

a. Based on the gaps or limitations you have identified, what are your goals for social change?

i. Goal 1:

ii. Goal 2:

b. What plan might you implement to reach those goals?

i. Goal 1, Objective 1:

ii. Goal 1, Objective 2:

iii. Goal 1, Objective 3:

iv. Goal 2, Objective 1:

v. Goal 2, Objective 2:

vi. Goal 2, Objective 3:

c. How might you evaluate your progress toward these goals (in general—how would you know if it worked)?

5. Personal Reflection:

a. What did you learn about the issue, others, and yourself?

b. How did this change your perspective of how to be involved in social change?

c. How will you become involved after Residency?


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utline that is required to be used. Please just fill the outline out. Please do not bid if you cannot meet the deadline because my grade is on the line. Thank you


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