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Interpersonal Analysis Assignment

Select and watch a movie of your choice – then in no more than 700 words, and no less than 350 words, write an Interpersonal Analysis that contains the following:

A. A brief synopsis of the movie you watched

B. Identify the communication climate at the beginning, middle and end of the movie. If there was a change in the climate, what influenced the change?

C. Identify the dialectical tension(s) between the protagonist and antagonist, and how that tension was managed/resolved

D. Indicate whether the Dimensions of Intimacy were present, if so; list the one(s) you observed and how they impacted/influenced the central theme of the movie.

Your work must be submitted via email as a word document, 1.5 space, 12 Times New Roman font. In addition to the four bullet points above, grammatical construction and proper structure (i.e. following the outline format – Introduction Body and Conclusion) will form the basis for your possible 100 points.

The completed work is due no later than Wednesday 4th May 2016 at midnight (12:00)

Per chance you are unable to think of a movie, please consider one from the list below:

1. Shawshank Redemption

2. Snow Falling on Cedars

3. The Rabbit Proof Fence

4. The Red Violin

5. Training Day

6. A Few Good Men

7. As Good As It Gets

8. Primary Colors

9. Wag the Dog

10. My Cousin Vinny

11. L.A. Confidential

12. Under the Tuscan Sky

13. Dry White Season

14. The Hunt for Red October

15. In the Bedroom


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