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Sex communication between parents and kids …  Choose 2 recent popular or internet-based articles on this topic:

  • Choose 1 popular article that you believe is scientifically credible and useful
  • Choose 1 popular article that you think is NOT scientifically credible or useful.

Recent would be within the last 5 years and a popular or internet based article. One needs to be scientifically credible (maybe an article in Scientific American or Psychology Today) and one would not be (maybe something from People mag or Cosmo, for example).


  1. Describe the topic you chose, and why you think it is relevant to the field.
  2. Summarize the first article.
  3. Explain how you came to the conclusion that the article is scientifically credible and useful.
  4. Summarize the 2nd article.
  5. Explain why you think the 2nd article is NOT scientifically credible or useful.
  6. Explain to readers what they should consider when using popular or internet sources to gain information on this topic.

1200-1500 words !!!!


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