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The assignment is to write a 2500-word paper on a topic related to the readings on sovereignty, responsibility for global justice, and the legacy of colonialism. I’ve suggested several possible approaches below. As you’ll see, there is a set of suggestions centered on the issue of responsibility for global justice, and a set of suggestions centered on the issue of sovereignty and challenges to the ideal of sovereignty. You may choose to write on a different topic, but you should run your idea by me first.

Taking sovereignty as your focus, you might do the following:
Critically evaluate Young’s discussion of federalism as it pertains to the Israel/Palestine conflict. What is the conception of sovereignty, and the conception of self-determination, assumed by single-state or two-state solutions? How does Young challenge those conceptions, and what is her preferred understanding of self-determination? Would a federated solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict be appropriate, given that view of self-determination? Would it be both morally sound and practically feasible?


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