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we started by learning how to calculate and interpret z-scores to identify how a single score (X) compares to the population of all scores based on the mean and standard deviation. You also learned about the importance of a normal distribution for using the Unit Normal Table and z-scores to find the probabilities associated with randomly selecting certain scores (X) from a population (without access to the raw data from the population). This discussion is designed to get you to think a little more about the normal distribution and how z-scores are used to identify how single scores compare to the population of all scores.

provide an example of a variable you expect to be normally distributed in the population (if a Likert scale is used to measure this variable provide the survey question and response scale). Why do you think this variable is normally distributed? What do you think the mean (μ) and standard deviation (σ) would be in the population? Where would you fall on the distribution in terms of your z-score (based on your expected μ and σ)?


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