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Final Paper – Risk Assessment, Safety Plan and Case Management Plan with Resources

DUE: 1) Rough Draft Submitted through TurnItIn for feedback to the student by Sunday at the end of Week 5, submitted as many times as necessary to turn in a final paper free from errors in spelling, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, plural/possessive errors, accidental plagiarism and complete and accurate citation to all sources that are not the student’s original thought

3) Final Report Submitted by Sunday, Week Six by 11:00pm Central.

Purpose: This assignment provides you with an opportunity to review and select tools for risk assessment, conduct safety planning and case management, as well as increase your knowledge about victims of domestic violence and learn about available resources in your own community. This process will prepare you to begin thinking about safety as the primary goal of working with survivors of family abuse. This requires suspending judgment, assessing the risk, working with the client as the expert about their situation, and helping them to plan to remain safe, regardless of their decision to stay or leave their situation.

Battered women leave an average of 7 times before leaving for good. Seventy-Five (75%) of domestic homicides happen as or after leaving, so leaving is not always the safest thing for a survivor to do.

Lethality assessment and safety planning created with their input can help keep them safe until they are ready to leave safely. Safety plans are never written down by the survivor, but you are writing it down for the purpose of this assignment. In real life, you would write it down as you worked through it with the client, but you would have them recite it back and commit it to memory. You can also refer them to a shelter who may do this with them. But making a safety plan is one of the easiest things you can do to help someone stay alive in this situation, so I want you all to learn it.


Final Paper – Risk Assessment, Safety Planning and Case Plan

DUE: 1) Recommended: Rough Draft of Paper Submitted through TurnItIn for feedback to the student only by Sunday, Week Five

2) Final Report Submitted by Sunday, Week Six by 11:00 pm Central

Purpose: This assignment provides you with an opportunity to:

1) Conduct a risk assessment of a case.

2) Develop a safety plan that addresses the client’s unique risk factors, strengths and respects their individual choices and values.

3) Develop a list of resources for referral in your own community along with a plan and timeline for the client to pursue accessing those actual services.

4) Support your recommendations with citations from the course materials and research.

As a result of your participation, you will increase your knowledge about assessing, intervening and safety planning with victims of domestic violence and learn about available resources in your own community.

1. From the readings in the Barnett textbook, Sipe & Hall, or Weiss, (or you can select a movie like Enough, The Burning Bed or Sleeping with the Enemy), select a case study to serve as your hypothetical client for the purposes of this assignment. If. They already got free, assume they are just now reaching out to you to get free. Assume that this person lives in your city. Use the readings to help you think about supporting this person through their escape, to keep them safe and help them and their children if they have them, to plan for a new life without abuse.

2. Select a case with enough detail to allow you to write up:

a. A biopsychosocial assessment (1-2 pages);

b. An analysis of what theories or frameworks best explain the behaviors involved in the case study (1-2 paragraphs)

c. A risk assessment or lethality assessment (1-2 paragraphs) based on the tools provided in Moodle for you.

d. Asafety plan using one of the safety plan templates provided in Moodle. You do not have to recreate it. You can narratively describe what types of activities would be involved with this hypothetical person’s safety plan, to help them stay safe when violence escalates in the home, if they go back, or how they will maintain safety at their job or in their new residence if you are putting them in rental housing or shelter; and,

e. a case management plan that is populated with actual local resources from your city that your hypothetical client will require in order to maintain safety, and prepare to live independently from their abuser. (1-2 pages)

i. Consider what they will need for the first 6 months of independence, including housing/shelter, and advocacy for any supportive services they may require (legal services for an emergency protective order and a permanent protective order, employment or income, resume’ writing or job applications, clothing, child care, emergency and routine medical care, food, household supplies, etc. Will they need group or counseling? Will their children need counseling? Who can provide these services in your community? Include everything they will need for their first 6 months, based on the scenario you selected.

f. If you have a scenario that may lack some detail, you are welcome to imagine it and fill it in completely in the biopsychosocial as your hypothetical.

3. For the local resources you identify and explain in the case plan, please attach an appendix that lists all the contact information for each agency or resource that you identified, a contact person if known, and any details necessary to apply for the services. For example, “the ____food stamp office takes applications by phone Monday through Friday, 8am to 7pm at ___ number. ___ agency offers free group counseling for survivors on. Thursdays at 7pm,” etc.

a. This resource list will serve you as a reference if you are called to work with survivors in the future.

4. Some case studies will not be complete, so just fill in to make up the hypothetical case study for the person you are serving.

5. Use headings to clearly indicate which part of the assignment to which you are responding in your papoer.

6. Include an introduction and a conclusion.

7. Make sure there are linkages between your biopsychosocial details, your theories and your recommended solutions. For example, if patriarchy is one of your theories, your facts, and your solutions should fit what the textbook recommends, and you should cite to that recommendation in the textbook, including the page number.

8. Link your proposed solutions to the readings and use the course materials to support your statements. Any statement you make that is not your original thought should be properly cited. Cite appropriately to your sources for the information and include a reference list.

9. The purpose of this assignment is to prepare you to think about serving clients from start to finish, and to give you real templates to use to help you keep them safe.

10. This is a formal paper and should follow APA format, so include a cover page and be free of typos, and grammar errors. Run it through TurnItIn to identify any accidental plagiarism. If you need to, review the Plagiarism rules to be sure you are not committing any accidental plagiarism. Do not simply use the thesaurus to change the words. Paraphrase properly.

11. Put yourself in this person’s shoes, and keep them safe. Use your self-care plan if this work gets too heavy.

Final Paper will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

1. Completeness and accuracy of the assessment/history 5

2. Extent of representation of community resources 5

3. Organization of the report with emphasis on clarity 5

4. Creativity and quality of written work with emphasis on grammar, punctuation, and

sentence structure 5

5. Relevance and breadth of linkage to the readings 5

6. Utility of report 5


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