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For the following below, construct a citation using APA style format.

· Author: William Stanton

· Title: Room for Criticism: An Essay

· Place of Publication: Princeton, New Jersey

· Publisher: Princeton University Press

· Year: 1984

create a citation using APA style.

· Authors: Katherine M. Fortinash & Patricia A. Holoday-Worret

· Title: Psychiatric Nursing Care Plans

· Place of Publication: St. Louis, Missouri

· Publisher: Mosby-Year Book

Year: 1995

For the following, create a citation using APA style.

· Authors James H. Bradford & Paulette Core-Laurence

· Title of Article: An Application of online in-group and out group communication

· Journal: New Media and Society

· Volume & Issue: 29

· Date: 2011

· Pages: 233-240.

· DOI: 10.1080/1041794x.2011.601291


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