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“Research Methodology” Respond to the following discussion topic and please use your own words to answer:

1. Explore the Stanford Prison Experiment Website, located at Then, identify at least two (2) ethical considerations involved in Milgram’s experiment and Zimbardo’s experiment. (You do not have to explain the Experiment in detail, just discuss the two ethical considerations).

2. Provide two (2) examples from either experiment to illustrate why ethics are an important consideration in social psychology research.


The ethical consideration for the Zimbardo’s experiment was that he informed the participants of what was going on and that he cut the experiment short when the participants could not handle it anymore. As for Milgram’s experiment, it straddles the line of ethics. The learner was never in any pain or agony but the fact that the participant was not aware of this, may have caused psychological issues in the long run.

With the Zimbardo experiment, you can see why ethics are important. If Zimbardo had not informed the participants of what the experiment entailed and had not cut the experiment short, the participants would mostly like have suffered psychological damage if they haven’t already. By doing this, he may have spared the participants long term psychological damage.


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