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In 2-3 pages, respond to the following:

 This Application Assignment requires that you integrate the top four causes and effects into a critical analysis narrative. A critical analysis narrative includes a thorough discussion of each cause (fully describe the source) and its effects (fully describe who is impacted and how). Following the description of all four causes and effects, a critical analysis narrative ends with a final paragraph that briefly summarizes the four causes and your reaction to the relationship between these causes and the development of the problem/issue.

The inappropriate use of medically prescribed prescription drugs and other substances

1. Identify the four causes and effects you have selected to incorporate into an integrated critical analysis narrative.

2. Write an integrated critical analysis narrative that incorporates the four causes and effects you identified.

3. Explain your reaction to the results of your critical analysis. Could these causes have been prevented? Which one do you think was most important in leading to the problem?

Please include proper APA citations and full references


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