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Feeding and Eating Disorders

Feeding and Eating Disorders

Cases of overweight and obesity continue to rise in my community, with over five percent of the adolescents recording obesity and feeding disorders every year. Reports indicate that cases of overweight and obesity evident in my community are caused by poor eating habits and lack of proper education on the management of feeding and eating disorders (Dahlgren, Wisting & Rø, 2017). My community was ranked top with feeding and eating disorders in my county, making this issue a significant concern for health professionals. This research will help develop a strategy to help adolescents manage and prevent feeding and eating disorders in my community. It will also help health professionals with solutions to these cases.


Dahlgren, C. L., Wisting, L., & Rø, Ø. (2017). Feeding and eating disorders in the DSM-5 era: a systematic review of prevalence rates in non-clinical male and female samples. Journal of eating disorders, 5(1), 56.


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