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Identify a film you consider a classic that is not mentioned in Chapter 9 and write an analysis. Start off by naming the film, year, director, genre and whether or not you think this film is well done. Identify and discuss the conventions. Does the film follow the genre conventions? Consider the use of diegetic and non-diegetic sounds in specific scenes, (be sure to define the terms) does the film achieve the desired impact on the audience? What camera point of view is used for key scenes? What is the overall point of view from which we see the character’s story? Consider the convention of time in the story. Does the story follow a linear or temporal order? Finally, review section 9.7 in your text and answer at least one of the critical viewing questions. Conclude your essay by recommending or not recommending this film for viewing.

The artists in the Renaissance looked to the works of classical Greece and Rome for inspiration and technique. Consider specific works (for example those of Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci) and explain what features Renaissance art borrows from classical art and what features move beyond the classical, justifying the idea of “rebirth.” Start of by discussing the Renaissance period, its origins, including the dates, the key characteristics of Renaissance period as well as the artwork itself. Consider also what new techniques and concepts were brought forth by this movement?

Choose an example of classical opera and an example of late twentieth-century musical theater. Discuss the conventions of each theatrical art form. Be sure to include the composers, brief libretto information, identify key arias/songs, dates and other crucial details. Using these examples, discuss three points of comparison. State whether the works you have selected of these two genres are more alike or different. Has one of them made a particular impact on you? If so, why?


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