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Paper 1

There is a movement in psychology to require the usage of psychological measures to aid in the diagnosis of some mental illnesses. While developing the DSM-V, there was some discussion of including results of specific measures as part of diagnostic criteria. Considering the two articles you read, Limitations of Diagnostic Precision and Predictive Utility in the Individual Case: A Challenge for Forensic Practice and Diagnostic Utility of the NAB List Learning Test in Alzheimer’s Disease and Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment, write a response paper discussing the utility of using psychological measures as suggested above in the diagnosis of mental illness.


Paper 2

Find an article reviewing a measure that has been developed within the last five years (it cannot be the measure evaluated in this module). Write about the measure, including what construct the measure reports to assess. Provide an analysis of the sample, method, and statistics utilized in the study. Report on the validity and reliability of the measure as well as potential utility. Evaluate the cultural issues of the measure.


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