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– Students will create an idea paper related to their Senior Thesis. This idea paper will outline what students intend to write about. Keep this concise – (This is your idea Do not turn in a 20-page thesis.)

At a minimum the paper should address the following concepts:

What you intend to address (The problem – Should be a contemporary issue)

Describing the topic (background to formulate a strong thesis)

“Why” you chose the topic

Identify the core theory/or theories that support the topic

What policy implications could “possibly” be considered (This will provide the basis for

the policy section in your thesis)

Students should write in “APA Style” Format – Note: this paper will, in part, express your

opinions (include – title page, running head, page numbers, in-text citations, reference, etc…)

Minimum of 4-6 Pages in length…

“Write until it is complete”

Attach your annotated bibliography that was submitted for Assignment #3

Remember the paper was Relationship Between Poverty And Violence


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