Money-back Guarantee

To us every customer is special. When you succeed, we succeed as well. Consequently, all our prices are backed by a money back guarantee.

We guarantee 80% and above on all tasks we deliver. If that is not met, something that rarely occurs, the following refund policy applies:

Grade Refund
80% and above No Refund
70-79% 10% Refund
60-69% 50% Refund
59% and below 100% Refund

Our Refund process

Our refund process is very smooth and takes less than 7 days if you help us through.

Please Note:
Requesting charge-backs via our payment processor is not recommended. We have no control of how long it can take to receive your funds and it could cost you more in the long-run.
Following the process below is the quickest way to have your issue resolved.

These are the steps:

  1. If you are not happy with the task delivered (make sure you provide a credible reason), inform our support team.
  2. The support representative will forward the case to the dispute department.
  3. Our dispute resolution department will evaluate the case and determine the case in your favor or the writer’s favor.
  4. If the case is ruled in your favor and you qualify for a refund as per the policy above, the refund amount shall be credited into your account balance as shown below.
  5. Once credited, this amount can be used as credit for a future task or you can request withdrawal upon which the amount will be will be sent to you via your preferred mode of payment.

All refunds are done with 7 days of notification

Cancellation of orders due to the client’s fault attracts a 10% charge on the amount paid.


Please note for you to receive any refund, you must provide verifiable proof that the score on the task delivered is as stated within 30 days from the date of purchase.

We look forward to serving you !

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