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I have the information given for the paper. the questions are: describe in detail the four types of rapists, which rapist profile best fits the description of this rapist. What is your opinion about his childhood, describe what his family or origin and early life experiences were most likely to be. Describe your best guess of the personal characteristics of this rapist. Be certain to inclue, age, ethnicity, body description, education level, and occupation. Who are likely to be his next victims? What precautions can thses potential victims take? Give 3 possible explanations for the lack of reported rapes during 2001-2006, which explanation to feel is the most plausible? Why?, why do you believe the rapist has eluded police after 17 reported attacks over 13 years?

the paper has to be about 10 pages if possible. I have some of the info for this paper already. I just need it done please. Price is negotiable



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