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One of the more important questions you will need to ask and answer for yourself as you develop your research study is: “Which qualitative research approach best fits my research question?” You may be able to reframe your research question to fit more than one qualitative approach; generally, though, one of the available approaches is likely to fit better than the others once you have a well-defined question. The only way to make this determination is to develop a familiarity with different approaches.

In this Discussion, you will conduct a literature review of your topic area ( My area of study I want to focus on is the lack of parental/family engagement as a barrier to psychiatric treatment for high risk children), I want this to be a Qualitative case study)

Contribute a 3-paragraph Discussion post in which you respond to the following:

· Summarize the characteristics of the approach of the research article you chose during your literature search.

· Summarize the research article, including the citation and sufficient information for your classmates and Instructor to locate the article.

· Present a short critique of that article based on the “R8360 Guidelines for Reading and Evaluating Qualitative Research Articles” document


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