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Complete the following assignment as it relates to psychosocial development in young children.


1. The most severe consequence of child abuse is obviously death. Because of the mass media’s attention to these cases members of the victims’ and perpetrators’ families have been offered “financial reward” for telling their stories. Does the media attention contribute to or help deter child maltreatment? Explain your answer. (50 Words)


2. In what ways does this context of violence in the United States promote child maltreatment? (50 Words)


3. Have your ever encountered a situation in which you suspected a child was the victim of abuse or neglect? What did you do, and why? If you have not encountered such a situation, if you did, what would you do? ((50 Words)


4. If it were in your power to completely shape the social context in which a child grew up, what steps would you take to help ensure that he or she would be protected from maltreatment? (50 Words)


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