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Discuss the nature and basic function of the nervous system.
Explain what neurons are and how they process information.
Identify the brain’s levels and structures, and summarize the functions of its structures.
State what the endocrine system is and how it affects behavior.
Describe the brain’s capacity for recovery and repair.
Explain how genetics increases our understanding of behavior.


Read: Chapter 2

The following Website may be useful in helping you to understand the Human Genome Project and the impact genetics may have on our society.


Read Chapter 2 and complete the following study guide questions. Be sure to answer in your own words!

Chapter 2 Study GuideFile

Chapter 2 Study Guide SubmissionAssignment

Complete the following caffeine consumption activity.

Caffeine Consumption ActivityFile

Caffeine Consumption Activity SubmissionAssignment

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Take the following exam over chapters 1 & 2 when you are ready. It will be 45 multiple choice questions (each worth 1 point,) and 3 essay questions (each worth 5 pts.). You will have 70 minutes to complete it.

Guidelines for ExamsFile

Chapter 1, 2 ExamQuiz


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