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I’ve 4 essay questions that I need answered; about 3 pages each, double spaced, use APA format if something is referenced, Times New Roman 12 format.


Analyze the nature of the Flynn Effect and its various implications. What factors do you believe are driving the increase in IQ? How would you explain the fact that over much of the past century there has been a decrease in SAT scores, in light of the increase in IQ? What do you think the social implications of the Flynn Effect may be?

2. Evaluate the phenomenon of response sets and dissimulation. Present a situation in which a person may want to present themselves in an overly positive manner (i.e. fake good). Then examine a hypothetical situation in which someone might want to present themselves (or someone else) in an overly negative manner (i.e fake bad). Are there situations where you have witnessed either of these occurrences? What are some of the overall reasons people might intentionally misrepresent themselves? What psychometric strategies are available for detecting this kind of misrepresentation?

3. Analyze the role of mental retardation or cognitive impairments in criminal proceedings. How is it evaluated and how might it impact court proceedings and sentencing? How does the Flynn Effect apply to this issue?

4. If you were given an employment test when applying for your first job after graduating, what might you expect from the people testing you? What if in lieu of a test, the hiring decision was based just on an unstructured interview? If you must take an exam in order to obtain a profes


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