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. Your assignment is to write a 1.5- 2 page double-spaced response to EACH question. Within each question you should address each age group. The final entry will be a reflection entry that will involve comparing and contrasting the two ages. IF YOU USE ANY OTHER SOURCES BESDIE THE POWERPOINTS I WILL NOT GRADE. ALSO IF YOU PLAGARISE I WILL FAIL YOU.

· Question #4
Tell me about the organizations or agencies you are affiliated with. Is this an effective organization? What changes might you make so that children could be better served? Be specific as to how you became aware of the component you want to change and suggest an improvement. Remember this should be a change/improvement somehow related to or affecting the children. If you feel the organization is perfect, clearly identify those aspects that you believe make the location so great.

Question #5
Using your knowledge of research methods in Developmental Psychology (see chapter 2 of the textbook and week 2 of the class), design a study to address a question you have related to a certain thought process or behavior of interest. This “study” should be a novel idea that attempts to uncover more information about one of the concepts discussed in class. In your design, be sure clearly the state the question or interest (How do Skittles affect aggression?), your hypothesis (Eating too many Skittles will make children overly aggression), name the Independent and Dependent Variables (IV- amount of Skittles, DV- level of aggression), and the overall research design (Cross-sectional) and why you choose that design.

Question #6
I am sure there has been a number of experiences, both good and bad, that have made you think a bit different. Based on these experiences, what kind of question would you ask to a group of people doing a service-learning project with children? Provide the question, explain why you would want to ask the question, and provide your own answer for the question.

Put another way: I want you to put yourself on my side of the SLP. If you were me, what question would you include to ask your students, why would you ask it, and then I would like you to answer you own question

Question #7
Now that you have done some “hands-on” experience with children, are you more or less likely to get involved with a child-based volunteer program, such as mentoring, Scouting, or sports, in the future?
Why or why not? Be SPECIFIC!

Question #8
Looking back on your service learning, has this experience affected your thinking about children? How? Please provide specific examples of a service-learning experience that directly affected the way you think about each age group you worked with.

Obviously the two age groups are very different on many developmental levels. However, what were some surprising or unexpected similarities and differences between the two age groups?

Throughout the journal, you have been providing experiences and relating them to issues discussed in class or the textbook. For this last piece, please provide at least one experience from both age groups in which an issue discussed in class became more than just theory for you. In other words, the issues discussed actually facilitated your interactions; the theory was not just something out of a book or notes used to relate an experience to, but rather a means to a successful interaction.


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