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To answer these you must use the previous paper you. I have attached it as well. See 2nd page….

“Persuasion and Manipulation.” Please respond to the following:

Consider the elements of persuasive thinking with regard to your topic for your Critical Thinking paper.

· Identify the values and needs of your audience.

· Identify an appeal that you can make to your audience and explain why this might be an effective form of persuasion.

· Identify a type of fallacy that you need to be aware of and should strive to avoid in your persuasive argument.

“5 Steps of Persuasion.” Please respond to the following:

· Explain how you will follow the five steps of persuasion in your Critical Thinking paper: 1) establishing credibility, 2) acknowledging the audience’s position, 3) constructing a rationale, 4) transplanting root elements, and 5) asking for a response.

Topic Chosen: Euthanasia (mercy killing) should be permitted in cases of terminally ill patients

Among the three techniques, which were brainstorming, the Five Ws for Journalists, and the starbursting technique, brain storming technique gave me the most information regarding the selected topic. The reason to this is that brainstorming helped me in the generation of ideas regarding the topic. Brainstorming made me to come up with ideas and thoughts on euthanasia. This technique enabled me to get the definition of euthanasia, the reasons for its application, the cases where it has been used, and the ethical aspects behind euthanasia.

Additionally, brainstorming could enable me, at the end of idea generation, to evaluate the generated ideas on the topic to decide on whether euthanasia will really be applied on patients who are terminally ill or not. This was therefore the best technique because it aided me in breaking down incorrect assumptions and possibilities regarding the topic. It enabled me to explore the topic through the use of conventional approaches.

In the future writing projects, in addition to brainstorming, the technique that I will apply is the starbursting technique. This is because this technique helps in the development of questions that I will need to ask and use in the generation of ideas in the evaluation of research proposal. Therefore, both the brainstorming and the starbursting techniques could be applicable for the generation of ideas in the future.


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