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In this paper I will be talking about a personality theory, and some of the findings that vary in cultures. The one that I chose to discuss is the big five trait theory. I will also come up with three questions that maybe will help and give some insight to people. Personality alludes to individual contrast in characteristic patterns of thoughts, feeling and behaviors (Matsumoto & Juang, 2013). The examination of personality concentrates on two expansive regions: first one perceives the individual difference in certain personality characteristics, for example, friendlinessor crabbiness. The second one recognizes how the assortment of parts of an individual meets up overall. Personality Theory BlogOne of the major personality theories that every human carries is the trait theory. This trait theory has five other traits that are “known as the Big Five. They are as follows: agreeable, then there is neuroticism, conscientiousness, then you have extroversion/ Introversion, and last but certainly not least you have openness to experience(Matsumoto & Juang, 2013). Openness to experience means to be outgoing, having an open mind and also having a big imagination. These types of people are interested in whatever is new around them and maybe viewed as being very liberal. Conscientiousness means that a person is, weak-willed, determined to be careless and even careful as well. Extroversion expresses that a person would rather be with groups of


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