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Dr. Molly Stehn

Webster University

COUN 5850

Guiding Questions for Article Review

What was the research question? That is, what were the researchers interested in?

What was the hypothesis?

What literature did they review which allowed the researchers to make this


What were the characteristics of the research participants?

What was(were) the independent variable(s)?

How was(were) it(they) operationalized?

What was(were) the dependent variable(s)?

How was(were) it(they) operationalized?

Briefly summarize the methodology. What happened to the participants? What

order did things happen in? What, besides the IVs and DVs were special about the


Briefly summarize the results. What were the primary findings?

Did the authors discuss any problems (threats to the validity) with their study?

What concerns did you have about this article and how the research was


What implications or applications did the authors make about their findings?

Were there multiple experiments? Then redo the appropriate questions for each



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