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Respond to two students discussion post. Just type the paragraph under the discussion. It doesn’t have to be in essay form.

Also, make sure that your response(s) are substantial and at least 100 words. In your responses, you must include connections to course learning objectives.

Discussion Post #1

Savannah Caldwell

I’m not a stranger to implementing change in a workplace. I ran large hotels for several years before the COVID-19 pandemic decimated the industry. The hospitality industry is one that is always changing and teams must be able and willing to adapt. I was often tasked with “rallying the troops” to inform them of policy changes. Over the years, I found that my ability to be flexible was most effective in implementing change. Knowing your audience is an important factor when addressing a team and attempting to affect change. It’s important to understand that every person comprehends information differently. That being said, I may communicate a change with one department in a completely different manner to another. I found that understanding this very basic fundamental allowed me to be an effective leader and communicator. Making sure your team knows your expectations is also an important factor. Having clear, concise instructions when starting anything new is crucial to overall success. I often found myself on the front lines with my team any time there was any new change being implemented. I found that being available for questions or to remind my team of the changes when they came up was what worked best for me. Over the years having a wide open door policy always proved to be successful when change was on the horizon.

Discussion #2

Jennifer Daum p

In order for any organization to grow, change is very important. When changes are implemented in the proper way, it is more accepting to all those involved. A manager’s first question when they are making a change in any organization is, “how is this change going to affect my employees?” When a manager inputs change into an organization it is important for them to ask this question. Change is inevitable with any organization in order to keep up with everything in the ever-changing world. When discussing change with their employees managers must keep an open mind and allow input from them. When employees are more involved in the change process, they are more accepting to making the changes.

In order for a change in an organization to be successful, it is the manager’s job to make sure that it is in line with an organization’s goals and objectives. It important for management to come up with a system that is feasible to implement changes into an organization. When any change is made in an organization it can create an uncertainty for all of those involved. Therefore, it is important that you approach your employees letting them know why this change is so important for the growth and stability of the organization. When Queen Elizabeth spoke to her people she let them know that she was one of them, that even though she was the Queen she was still a part of them, and whatever they were asked to do that she would be there right along with them. This sense of togetherness is important in an organization because it lets your employees know that their jobs are just as important as yours is. When a sense of unity is built within an organization, everyone has the same goals and objectives in mind. Therefore, when a change is needed within the organization, it is important for everyone to be involved and not just for the manager to tell their employees that “this is what is happening and you don’t have any say so in it.” When managers are more open with their employees, this creates a more positive working environment for all of those involved.


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