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Stereotypes in Our Culture
For this assignment I want you to identify stereotypes you have observed or experienced. We are bombarded and accept stereotypes on a regular basis often without thinking about them or being fully aware of them. Everywhere we look we can observe and often experience gender, racial, ethnic, vocational, age, physical appearance stereotypes, etc. These stereotypes are propagated by the media, books, coworkers, family members, our own assumptions and beliefs, etc.

Identify two stereotypes you’ve observed or experienced. To help identify good examples I suggest you watch some commercials, watch a TV show, or walk through a store while focusing on identifying stereotypes. Ask friends or family members to give examples of stereotypes they’ve experienced or observed. Your paper will consist of a separate section for both stereotypes you identify. For each one describe:

1. the stereotype

2. the beliefs or assumptions on which the stereotype is based

3. what’s inaccurate about the stereotype

4. why you think the stereotype persists

5. what effect the stereotype has on the people who are stereotyped

6. what effect the stereotype has on society

7. what small steps you think can be taken either on a personal or societal level to begin to change the prevalence of the stereotype

8. how you have been impacted either directly or indirectly by this stereotype


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