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Good day to you all,

Each student is expected to create a 5-7 slides (does not include cover and reference slide) powerpoint presentation about your approved topic. You may use your textbook for this assignment, but each student is expected to utilize seven (6) counseling scholarly peer-reviewed articles for his/her presentation. Your presentation must be uploaded in blackboard by Sunday, November 29th. You will then present your powerpoint presentation either December 2nd or December 9th. Points will be deducted from your presentation if you are not present both days. Grading on the presentations will be based on accuracy of information, substance of the content, creativity and/or aesthetics, technical quality (including APA requirements), and overall quality of the presentation.

The format of the powerpoint should be as follows:

Title slide: title, author, and institution (cover slide)

Body: must address the main elements below (5-7 slides):

The main elements of the presention will be on:

Description of the issue/topic, including statistics of occurrence, definition of the topic

Address why understanding the chosen topic is important to the field of (school or mental health) counseling?

How does the chosen topic impact the counselor?

How does it impact the client?

Conclusion: Wrap up the presentation

References: Must be APA 7 formatted . You can seek APA help (1slide)


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