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You are required to write an in-depth critique paper (no longer than 6 pages, single-spaced) of a journal article (theoretical and/or empirical studies) on a course-related topic, which is of interest to you. Your choice of a journal article requires your instructor’s approval. You can find relevant articles by searching the PsycINFO and/or the PsycArticles database.

Your final paper should be a review or critique of an academic or professional journal article in psychology published within the last 5 years.

the jounal article i attached. it is about A Case Study Employing Operant Conditioning to Reduce Stress of Capture for Red-Bellied Tamarins

and i attached the chapter 3 behaviour and chapter 7 operant conditioning outline because you need to attach the knowledge in the book to your paper.

and another attachment is an answer to the “how to train your pet”. i think it will help.


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