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Traditionally, the experience of group therapy begins with a screening interview. From there, a client returns for the initial group session and subsequent sessions, where regular attendance is required. This model works for many patients, but not all. Some patient groups benefit from a non-traditional approach to group therapy. For example, patients living in rural environments might not have convenient access to services. Patients who travel extensively might not be able to regularly meet at a fixed location. In addition, some therapy groups are very specific (e.g., trichotillomania, which is compulsive hair pulling), and forming a therapy group for this population might be difficult due to the rarity of the disorder in any given area. Finally, some patients might actually suffer from disorders that prevent them from attending group therapy (e.g., agoraphobia). With these possible barriers, some potential group members might not be able to attend traditional group therapy. In such situations, clients might benefit from the use of online group therapy.

For this Discussion, select a population that may benefit from online group therapy. Think about the benefits and limitation of online group therapy as it applies to this specific population. Consider how you might address these limitations as the group’s online therapist.

With these thoughts in mind:

Write a brief description of the population you selected. Then, explain two benefits and two limitations of an online therapy group for this population. Finally, explain how you might address those limitations as an online group therapist. Be specific and use current literature to support your response.

APA format. Stay on topic. no more than 4 paragraphs.


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