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250 Words on Each DQ

250 Words

Module 1 DQ 1

Briefly define personality. Does one’s personality always predict one’s behavior? Why or why not?

250 Words

Module 1 DQ 2

This module addressed research methodologies used to better understand the construct of personality. Which of these methods produces the most valid information in the real world of personality research? Why?

250 Words

Module 2 DQ 1

What is the most important element of Freud’s perspective on personality development? Why?

250 Words

Module 2 DQ 2

Which of Freud’s contributions to personality psychology has made the greatest impact on research in the field of personality psychology? Why? In what ways might this contribution influence your research?

250 Words

Module 3 DQ 1

The neo-Freudian theories were some of the first theories that considered the role of the social environment in shaping emotion, thought and behavior. When contrasted with Freud’s psychosexual theory, do the neo-Freudian theories present a more accurate view of personality development? Why or why not?

250 Words

Module 3 DQ 2

Neo-Freudian theories identify multiple interactions in the social environment as components that contribute to the development of personality. Is the parent-child interaction a significant component of the neo-Freudian theories of personality development (e.g., would neo-Freudian theories be viable without this component?)? Why or why not?

250 Words

Module 4 DQ 1

theories are a notable contrast to the psychoanalytic perspective. What is the most significant difference between trait theories and traditional psychoanalytic theories in explaining the development of abnormal behavior? Why?

250 Words

Module 4 DQ 2

Most trait theories focus on broad dispositions as the determinants of behavior. Briefly explain the concept of “dispositions.” How do dispositions most significantly contribute to the construct of personality? Why is this contribution significant?


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