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Use “Initial Interview.edited” document to get background information on the mock client and use it to complete this assignment. Both papers will use the same mock client.

3 pages

Type into “Mental Status Exam Template”. I’ve started the APA document for this paper.

Must be the best!

Running head: Mental status exam 1

Mental status exam 8

Mental Status Exam



Mental Status Exam


How was the client dressed and groomed (e.g., neat, disheveled, unkempt)?

Behavior/Psychomotor Activity

Did the client exhibit slow movement, restlessness, or agitation? Did the client have any unusual behaviors such as tics, mannerisms, gestures?

Attitude Toward Examiner

Was the client’s attitude toward the examiner cooperative, friendly, attentive, defensive, hostile, evasive, guarded, and so forth?

Affect and Mood

Did the client have sad, angry, depressed, or anxious mood? Was the client emotionally responsive (affect)? Was affect congruent with mood?


How was the quantity, rate of production, and quality of the client’s speech (e.g., minimal—mostly yes and no answers; talkative; rapid/pressured speech)?

Perceptual Disturbances

Did the client experience hallucinations or illusions? If so, what sensory system did they involve (e.g., auditory, visual, olfactory, tactile)?


Did the client have any disturbances in thought process, which involves the rate of thoughts and how they flow and are connected (e.g., racing thoughts, flight of ideas, tangential). Were there any disturbances in thought content, such as delusions, obsessions, preoccupations, or suicidal or homicidal thoughts?


Was the client aware of (a) the date and time, (b) where he or she was, and

(c) who the people around him or her were (i.e., oriented to time, place, and person)?


How was the client’s recent memory (e.g., what did he or she have for breakfast?) and remote memory (e.g., memories from childhood)?

Concentration and Attention

Was the client’s concentration or attention impaired? Was the client distractible?

Information and Intelligence

Can the client accomplish mental tasks that would be expected of a person of his or her educational level and background?

Judgment and Insight

Does the client have the capacity for social judgment? Does the client have insight into the nature of his or her illness?


How accurately was the client able to report his or her situation?

Reference Drummond, R. J., Sherperis, C. J., & Jones, K. D. (2016). Assessment Procedures for Counselors and Helping Professionals (8th ed.)


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