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· Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Monk

· Exiled from Viet Nam

· Studied at Princeton

· Influenced the development of Western Buddhism

Thich Nhat Hanh


PART 1: 4 points

1. Watch this video of Thich Nhat Hanh describing the concept of mindfulness.

2. Type your answers to questions on the following page.

PART B: 6 points, based on the depth of your observations.

1. Find a place where you can sit for 10 minutes, unlikely to be disturbed by other people, but where there is some action. Consider doing this at school in the dining hall or quad.

2. For 10 min, focus only on what you can see, hear, and feel (physical feelings, e.g. warmth of sun, itch on nose: not emotional , e.g., sad, nervous).

3. Do not respond to anyone or anything.

4. As you observe these sights, sounds, and feelings, write them down in a continuous list, i.e, the list does not need to be separated into sights, sounds, physical feelings.

5. Type your list of observations onto the following page.

Save only your work, not the instructions, as a separate file.

· See the syllabus for instructions on acceptable formats that can be used.

· Use the following format for your file name: Mind.(last name), e.g. Mind.English

· Submit this file via the assignment link in Titanium.



1. Describe “mindfulness” in your own words.

2. List at least 2 benefits of mindfulness.




In the space below, type a numbered list of your observations.



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