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This discussion helps you synthesize some of your new skills in reading and interpreting research by using what you learn to support your writing within the discussion forum. The discussion questions ask you to explore how your own thoughts and opinions of the quality of life for older adults integrates with the available research.

By successfully completing this discussion activity, you will demonstrate Module Outcome 3: Illustrate the quality of life in late adulthood.

Read the following articles, and then discuss the ideas and research presented by answering the questions posed. Be sure to reference the articles to support your writing.

Kirkby-Geddes, E. E., & Macaskill, A. (2016). Voices of the Well-Elderly: A Qualitative Study of Psychological Strengths and Well-Being. [PDF, file size 1.1 MB]

Rybarczyk, B., Garroway, A. M., Auerbach, S. M., Rodríguez, V. M., Lord, B., & Sadock, E. (2013). Primary Care Psychology: An Opportunity for Closing the Gap in Mental Health Services for Older Adults. [PDF, file size 128 KB]

Part #1:

The quality of a person’s life is impacted by many factors. Think about and respond to the following:

What do you think about requiring older people to be subject to strict examinations to renew their drivers’ licenses? What types of tests should be involved (more than eyesight, such as reaction time, cognitive abilities, etc.)? Thinking about what you learned in the above articles and what you have learned about developmental psychology, what issues should be taken into consideration when deciding about an individual’s right to drive?

Part #2:

Given what you have learned about life expectancy and your own thoughts about quality of life, how might you try to extend your own life?

Based on the research on successful aging, what advice would you give someone who is nearing retirement? We know that socioeconomic status is related to wellness in old age and to life expectancy. Given what you learned in the above articles, what issues should be taken into consideration when planning for retirement? Support your writing with at least one example from the articles you read.


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