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Among the rehabilitative services provided in many prisons is basic education, recognizing that many inmates have had difficulty obtaining and maintaining employment due to low educational achievement levels. Any tools and techniques that can be made available to adult basic education instructors in prison venues will assist in reducing illiteracy, innumeracy and other educational deficits and, hopefully, recidivism.

Watch the “How Does the Memory Work?,” “Memory and Deep Sleep,” and “Loci Method for Memory Improvement”

Prepare 2 page journal article for prison basic education teachers on how they might teach inmates to use the Loci Method for Memory Improvement to improve their educational progress. Include insights from segment 7 regarding the importance of sleep in the movement of information from short-term to long-term memory.

Address the following in your article: also I need introduction and conclusion and reference and cite the paper please no plagiarism

· Describe how the Loci Method may be applied in the adult basic education venue. For example, you might demonstrate how to commit a stanza of poetry to memory by relating items in the lines of poetry to items in a typical classroom. Another example might be to demonstrate multiplication by four by relating to the number of legs on chairs in a classroom.


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