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Watch the following ted talks link with Tom Wuyec: build a tower, build a team

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Case study #2:

There are different types of organizations.  Two of them are defined below which we will be comparing in this case study.

Mechanistic organization definition – A mechanistic organization is a concept developed by British theorists Tom Burns and G.M. Stalker in their work titled The Management of Innovation, written in 1961. According to them, characteristics of a mechanistic organization include a high degree of organizational complexity, formalization, and centralization.

Organic organization definition – An organic organization is a type of informal organization originally described by British theorists Tom Burns and George Stalker. According to Burns and Stalker, an organic organization is one that is very flexible and is able to adapt well to changes.

Find an example of a mechanistic organization and a organic organization.

Describe and summarize each. 1-2 pages.

Then list the advantages and disadvantages for each organization. Discuss which you would prefer to be involved in with your organization.


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